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Don’t cry because it’s over; Smile because it happened

Doing some cleaning today and I can’t help but just sit and look at this wall sometimes.. Sometimes i love it and sometimes I think less photos of her may easier, which brings on even more guilt and pain. It’s so easy to get weighed down by the negatives in situations that at times it is impossible to see the good.. Adleigh girl was so amazing, look at all she did in her short life and let’s face it, she is still doing amazing things (cloud modeling for mom, cat ears for Christa and myself in Nola, etc). It is so easy to miss her and completely shut down.. With tomorrow being the 30th day of the month again I am trapped in my head even more today.. Another month gone since I’ve seen that beautiful face of hers.. I thought it would get easier as time went by. The truth is that I was SO WRONG! It does not get easier, every single day it gets harder and especially on the days when you finally ask someone to take her car seat and sunglasses and toys she last played with in the car so I can clean it because it’s so gross with dog hair since Max goes with me a lot now that Adleigh doesn’t.

Tomorrow I thought it would be nice if maybe everyone wear their Adleigh shirt if they have one, try to do something nice for someone and tell them about Adleigh.. So the do something nice part is just maybe to start off a string of pat it forwards possibly or maybe it’s just something that may change someone’s day, month or maybe even year.. People everywhere are fighting battles that we know nothing about, surely a kind gesture would maybe make a difference in their life at times they may need it.. And you can tell the person the A-Z of Adleigh or just say Adleigh wanted me to do this because she thinks you’re pretty awesome, beautiful, funny, deserving etc.. Anything that is good I would love to see you guys do in her name tomorrow..

So I guess the way I’m feeling now after writing all of this has changed a bit.. The thought that comes to mind now is a line from Dr. Seuss~ Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.. I can think of so many areas in life this could be used..

Hope everyone is having a great Monday.. Much love to you all!

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